5 characteristics of the best camping chair

Any adventure plan outdoors is incomplete without the best camping chair. These chairs offer you the utmost relaxation and make your camping or hiking vacations memorable. The most important qualities of the best camping chair would be the comfort it provides you with, its affordability and durability. After a great round of trekking or playing on the beach, relaxing on a chair that provides total comfort to your back, shoulders, hand and feet would make it all worthwhile.

If you are looking to buy the best camping chair but don’t know what features you should check before buying one, here’s a small checklist that will help you in your endeavor:

1. Comfort Quotient

The comfort level of your chosen chair is the most important factor that you need to ensure before taking it along on your beach vacation or lazing on it during your camping trip. The quality of the foam used and the support it provides to your back is very important. That’s where buying the best camping chair can help as it blends transportability and comfort with equal élan. Such a chair would also be stable on all terrains – be it a beach, a park or on the rocks. It should be easy to set up such a chair without much hassle. You should be able to sit on it and get up from the chair comfortably as well. So, check all these aspects before investing money in some of the self proclaimed best camping chairs, many of which fall short of the promise they make when it comes to the comfort quotient.

2. Price

Another important factor while buying a camping chair is its affordability. It should be within the budget. The best camping chair would be the one that is easily affordable as well as competitively priced. It should not burn a hole in your pocket and yet provide you the comforts that are necessary to make your camping trips enjoyable.

3. Transportability

Another deciding factor that helps in choosing the best camping chair is the ability to carry it easily from one place to another. These chairs are usually lightweight and come with a carry bag, often with shoulder straps. Thus, you can carry them around easily.

4. Fits your needs

When some investment is made towards buying a good camping chair, another point to be considered is how well it fits your needs. For example, if you suffer from back pains or have elders in the family who need a chair with low ground clearance, you have to look for respective features in the best camping chair, which you have shortlisted. Remember – a good camping chair is the one that can be used on the beaches as well as for your trekking/camping/hiking trips. Also, it helps if it is waterproof, stain-proof.

5. Some additional features

The best camping chair is much more than a mere chair. Most of these chairs come with additional features such as cup holders to hold your beverages safely, small stash pockets, utility pockets for magazines and maps etc, thus offering you value for money.

So, keep these characteristics of the best camping chair in mind and check if your chosen one has them all to make a wise purchasing decision.