The best bark collar for large dogs

Bark collars are electronic collars that produce electrical shocks to the neck from a remote device. They are also referred to as training collars. In this case, the term “shock” means a tingling sensation that is produced with static electricity. They are used as way to modify behavior. Some of these collars produce citronella spray, vibrations or even sounds. The most recent advances include GPS features in order to locate missing pets. Though there are a variety on the market, it’s important to consider which is best in terms of the size of your dog. The SportDOG SBC-10R bark collar happens to be the best bark collar for large dogs.

The SBC-10R allows your dog to set their own correction level in order to stop their barking. This helps to ensure that they are not over-corrected. It’s designed to grab your dog’s attention and disrupt their barking pattern. You can select from Temperament, Progressing, or User-Selected modes. It provides firm and consistent bark control, using vibration and sound.

The Three Settings


Tracks the amount of corrections needed. It provides 10 levels of correction. It starts with Level 0. However, if barking continues, the intensity increases with each additional bark until it stops. This pattern starts again the next time your dog barks. Once the dog learns to reduce the barking, the initial warning are reduced.


Starts at Level 0 and progresses to Level 9 each time the dog barks within 30 seconds of their previous bark. If it does not bark within 30 seconds, the correction level returns to Level 0.


This is also considered the best bark collar for large dogs because it allows you to select the correction level. In this mode, always start at the lowest level. Watch how the dog reacts, and then only progress to the next level if necessary.

Battery Life

Average battery life is 6 months, depending on how often the dog barks. However, if there is a great amount of use during the dog’s training, your first battery may not last this long. To save battery life, turn the collar off when it is not in use.

What To Expect From This Product

Never leave your dog alone during the first few corrections from this collar. After placing the collar on your dog’s neck, and powering on, remain close to him as you wait for him to start barking. Since the static corrections will be a brand new sensation for the dog, after he receives his first correction, he may start to bark more. Don’t worry, they will soon understand that the collar is interrupting the urge to bark, and will relax.

In some instances, your dog may panic with after the first correction and this will send additional corrections. If this does happens, remain beside your dog and calm them down. Use a soothing tone of voice. When they figure out that their barking is what is causing the problem, they will stop making noises.

What makes this the best bark collar for large dogs is that you should notice a difference within just a few days. It just takes consistency on your part. When your dog starts to understand the collar means, you can then decide when the collar can be taken off.