Ostrich 3 in 1 beach chair – an honest review

Depending on your idea of recreation on the beach, selecting the right beach chair can make or break your experience. In this review, we’ll take a look at the Ostrich 3 in 1 Beach Chair and find out if it’s just the chair you need to step up your beach experience. The chair has been held up to scrutiny on a criteria of comfort, stability and durability. Of course, which of the above qualities you value most will all come down to you. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at what this Ostrich chair has to offer.

Comfort – 5/5

It’s often hard to judge a chair’s quality simply by looking at it. This chair; however, shows off its excellent level of comfort right off the bat. You’ll notice upon first looking at the chair in question that it will allow your back and bottom to “breath” to a fairly large degree, keeping you relatively cool and sweat-free over the entire course of your beach excursion. The chair also comes without any fabrics which may prove itchy or absorbent, ensuring it stays clean and comfy in the long term. The chair’s level of comfort is easily its greatest quality.

Stability – 4/5

The chair in question comes with metal legs which prove to be fairly stable. The two front legs and the two back legs each connect to one another, meaning you don’t need to worry about one of your chair’s legs falling into a hole or soft spot on the ground. Overall, the chair carries with it a high degree of stability which anyone can appreciate. It also tends to hold weight evenly, further compounding this effect for extra measure.

Durability – 4/5

As previously stated, the fabric used to make the chair in question does not incorporate the use of any absorbent materials. This keeps your chair clean for a longer amount of time and, when the time actually comes to clean it, makes cleaning a very easy ordeal. Its thick, metal legs also increase its longevity, thus having the chair eventually pay for itself despite its rather higher price.

Value – 3/5

The price of the beach chair may look somewhat intimidating at first. However, you can rest assured knowing that your chair’s quality will persist long into the future, making it well worth its price. I couldn’t give its value a 5/5; however, being that it comes with little in the way of added features.

Overall – 4/5

If you don’t mind paying a bit of a high price at first, you’ll find this Ostrich chair to be well worth your money. Through its great stability, longevity and comfortable material, it’s hard to beat this chair. Of course, be prepared to spend up to $90 for the privilege of owning it.