6 of the best propane grill safety tips

You might be the kind of person who fires up the grill all year long or, maybe, you wait for the warm summer and spring days before you don your pron. Either way, grilling can be quite an enthralling experience and is one of the life’s simple pleasure.

Unfortunately, where there’s fun, there’s also potential safety issues, Yes, as harmless as the best propane grill seems, it can result to massive destruction, and even result to loss of lives. According to National Fire Protection Association, outdoor grills cause an average of 8,900 home fires. Also, propane grills cause more fires than the charcoal grills.

In the article below, we shed light on some of the safety tips that you can use on your best propane grill.

Grill outside from any structure

Gas grills are designed for outdoor purposes only. Keep the grill away from your home, and this includes your garage, porches, and carports. When using a propane grill outdoors, ensure that you’re in a well-ventilated area and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
Also, when setting up your best propane grill, pay closer attention to overhanging branches and never set up a grill underneath wooden overhangs either.

Ensure the grill is stable

When setting up a gas grill, ensure that it lies on a flat surface and that it cannot be tipped over. Some the premium gas grills are accompanied by grill pads or a splatter mat that can be placed underneath your deck or patio.

Don’t overload your grill with food

Overloading your best propane grill with too much food, especially fatty meat can result to large flare-up that could light nearby things on fire. The basic reason for this tip is because too much meat can result to a flare-up due to the fat drips.

Check for any propane leaks

According to NFPA, gas/propane leak is the leading cause of fire outbreak. The organization recommends that before the first season barbeque, it’s prudent to check the tank hose. You can check the pipe for leakage by applying a light soap and water to the hose and then turning on the gas. If there’s aleak, the soap will bubble.

Correct storage of gas cylinders

When storing the cylinder, ensure that you place them in an upright and vertical position, and be sure to store them outside away from ignition sources (lighters, matches, and heat). Also, during the refilling process, you can request the providers to check on your storage tank for leakage, dents, damage or rust.

Be ready to put out the fire

Always keep a fire extinguisher, baking soda or a bucket of sand nearby. That way, in case of a minor flare up on you best propane grill, you can put out the fire.

These are just some of the simple and safety DIY procedures that you can use on your best propane grill for a safe summer barbequing season.