Components of Coleman stove parts you should be aware of

Coleman makes some of the best camping stoves around. However, just in case your stove breaks down, you will still be able to find replacement parts to fix the problem once and for all. Also, as long as you exercise some degree of care, a genuine Coleman stove will serve you for a long time. So when you go shopping for Coleman stove parts, you will in most cases be looking for replacement parts because the ones you use have worn out due to normal wear and tear and not manufacturing defects.

Stove parts

The phrase “stove parts” are used to refer to the parts that make up the entire assembly of a stove. So it’s critical that you know the exact part you’re ordering before paying money to a supplier or retailer.

Generally, Coleman stove parts are made of the tank and the burner segment. However, the main part that constitutes the entire Coleman stove is called Manifold. The manifold is essential because it covers 3 sides of the stove while exposing the front side of your stove. These parts play a critical role in shielding the flame from wind. In other words, without the manifold, it’s impossible to light up and sustain a flame in a camping environment and especially in windy condition. Also, the more protected your stove is, the less energy you will use to heat up water or food.

There’s also a metal grate which is supposed to sit on top of the stove. This part tends to wear out with time and may prompt you to make a replacement. This metal grate provides an even surface upon which you can place your cooking pot when preparing meals.

Burner parts

The burner and also the parts that make up the burner can be bought separately depending on your specific cooking needs. In this arrangement, we have the master burner which consists of everything the burner will ever need to function correctly.

The master burner also consists of the outside cover as well as the valve stem parts. The burner segment should attach to the inside of the Coleman stove. Finally, the valve should connect to the main propane tank.

The propane should flow from the tank into the burner to create a gas that will light up with a small flame hot enough to cook. These individual parts can be replaced when there’s need to do so.

What’s more, there exist a small knob situated on the front part of the stove. This knob controls the amount of flame emitted by the stove. It is also responsible for putting out the flame once you’re through with your stove.

You should be aware that the number of burners and knobs existing on a stove depends on its size. But generally, Coleman stoves tend to have up to 3 burners.

Some stoves also come with a burner bowl. This bowl is attached to the top of the burner and can be bought separately just in case you need replacement Coleman stove parts for this purpose.

Finally, burner caps and rings are also an option you could use in the event that the exterior of your burner broke down. Generally, there is a variety of parts to buy online or at your local retail shop just in case there’s need to do so. This way, you will significantly prolong the life of your stove.