Gas grills that impress below the $300 threshold

The outdoors beckons you and calls your name. With errands to run and kids to raise not much time to piddle around the trees and the breeze. Families have to be fed don’t they? One way to do that is to fire up the gas grill outside and have your life, food, and need for outdoor adventure all at once. What do you look for when buying a grill?

You should consider the following factors when choosing the best gas grill under $300:

  • Heating
  • Grilling Area & Dimensions
  • Grill Construction
  • Warranty and Support

Heating involves how long it takes the grill to warm up to the necessary temperature and how consistent the heating performs. Grills ranged from 3 minutes to almost 13 minutes preheating times. Most had 3 to 4 burners but that did not affect the preheat time. Grill area and dimensions concentrated on the actual cooking area of the grill not the overall size. Most grills have between 400 to 500 square inches. Capacity of a 4-inch hamburger patty fits on the grill ranged from 15 to 24 patties. Grill construction looked at materials such as porcelain covered, stainless steel, or cast iron. Each has a different heating property and quality. It often comes down to durability and heating preferences. Last but not least comes as the warranty and support. If the gas grill receives heavy use it is an issue. Make sure the warranty has a burner warranty as well as a parts warranty since burners are the most likely item to wear out first. Top level gas grills all have warranty support in the form of phone, email, and downloadable owner manuals.

Ultimately the best grill involves some personal preferences. Gas grills burn clean and no charcoal to clean up or buy. A gas grill gives more control over the speed and heating. Good grills exist at every budget level and fortunately the best grills are not always the most expensive. What do you need and how many people are you cooking for? A Char-Broil N480 made of stainless steel, 5-year warranty, and just over $160 price fits most budgets and small households. Weber Genesis E-310 made the gold award and is a top level elite grill. With only 8 minutes to preheat to 500-degree cooking can begin immediately. Its wide surface area lets you prepare food for large groups quickly. The cast iron grates give wonderful sear stripes to meat. Broil King Baron 440 may not preheat as fast but it more than makes up for it with the way it evenly cooks meat. It did not matter where the meat was placed on the grill. The oven height made sure it was a grill that roasted meat or allowed rotisserie.

Now you have a basis to pick your own grill, find one and let the grilling begin.