Here are a few ways to increase your vertical jump for basketball

Increasing your vertical jump is so important if you are an athlete, especially if you play basketball, football, or if you’re involved in track. Vertical jump is measured by asking an athlete to stand on against the wall with their arms over your head and stretch your arms up. Someone should mark the spot of the highest point touched. Then, get the person to jump and measure how they jump, and see the difference between the standing vertical and the jumping vertical.

There are several ways to work on increasing your vertical jump without having to be an elite player. There are some simple exercises and other things you can do which will have gradual results, and if followed properly, they will definitely increase your vertical jump.

The first thing, even before exercising, is making sure you don’t have any knots in your muscles. Be sure to get the knots out by having someone knead them for you. Knots shorten muscles and decrease your ability to stretch as far as possible, and they also weaken your muscles. Taking these also called ‘pressure points’ away, or getting them rubbed or massaged will increase the strength in your muscle. You can read more from

The second thing that you’ll want to do is Bulgarian Split Squats. These are truly simple exercises that don’t take much time, but definitely help. You stand a couple feet away from a bench or step and put the leg you aren’t working at on the bench. So, the top of your foot should be on the bench. Hold dumbbells in each hand and stand straight. Drop until your back knee almost touches the ground, but not quite. Use your heel of the foot on the floor to push yourself up into a standing position. You should do 5-8 reps per day, but you may want to start off with just three reps or even maybe one until you get used to the exercise. Here is a video of how to do a correct Bulgarian Split Squat.

Another way to maximize your vertical jump is to swing your arms while jumping. This is reported to increase one’s vertical jump by almost 12%. Powerfully thrusting the arms while jumping is another way to increase your vertical jump by a lot.

If you are trying to increase the length of your vertical jump, or even just increase the power in your vertical jump, you should try some of these things. You will be surprised at if, when used routinely, they will definitely improve your vertical jump to be higher than you every imagined for yourself. It’s a good idea to mark your vertical on the wall, because you can see how far it’s coming along by measuring the point of where you’ve jumped to the point where you are standing still.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas as to how to increase your vertical jump.