Here are a few ways to increase your vertical jump for basketball

Increasing your vertical jump is so important if you are an athlete, especially if you play basketball, football, or if you’re involved in track. Vertical jump is measured by asking an athlete to stand on against the wall with their arms over your head and stretch your arms up. Someone should mark the spot of the highest point touched. Then, get the person to jump and measure how they jump, and see the difference between the standing vertical and the jumping vertical.

There are several ways to work on increasing your vertical jump without having to be an elite player. There are some simple exercises and other things you can do which will have gradual results, and if followed properly, they will definitely increase your vertical jump.

The first thing, even before exercising, is making sure you don’t have any knots in your muscles. Be sure to get the knots out by having someone knead them for you. Knots shorten muscles and decrease your ability to stretch as far as possible, and they also weaken your muscles. Taking these also called ‘pressure points’ away, or getting them rubbed or massaged will increase the strength in your muscle. You can read more from

The second thing that you’ll want to do is Bulgarian Split Squats. These are truly simple exercises that don’t take much time, but definitely help. You stand a couple feet away from a bench or step and put the leg you aren’t working at on the bench. So, the top of your foot should be on the bench. Hold dumbbells in each hand and stand straight. Drop until your back knee almost touches the ground, but not quite. Use your heel of the foot on the floor to push yourself up into a standing position. You should do 5-8 reps per day, but you may want to start off with just three reps or even maybe one until you get used to the exercise. Here is a video of how to do a correct Bulgarian Split Squat.

Another way to maximize your vertical jump is to swing your arms while jumping. This is reported to increase one’s vertical jump by almost 12%. Powerfully thrusting the arms while jumping is another way to increase your vertical jump by a lot.

If you are trying to increase the length of your vertical jump, or even just increase the power in your vertical jump, you should try some of these things. You will be surprised at if, when used routinely, they will definitely improve your vertical jump to be higher than you every imagined for yourself. It’s a good idea to mark your vertical on the wall, because you can see how far it’s coming along by measuring the point of where you’ve jumped to the point where you are standing still.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas as to how to increase your vertical jump.

The 3 step guide to reinvigorating an old beach chair

The weather might be all doom and gloom now, but it will soon be time for the summer to roll around again. It will be time to dig out the beach chairs (or strandkorb, as they were first known) rummage around in the kitchen cupboard for the cocktail maker, and kick back with the sun for company. First, however, you have to get those summer beach chairs back to full health again.

If you, like most of us, put away your garden furniture in the winter and leave it there to rust until spring, there is bound to be a little maintenance involved with getting it up to scratch. For example, if you have a tired of beach chair – with a torn cover, rusted frame, or dirty fixtures – there is no reason why it cannot be reinvigorated with a bit of love and polish.

This guide to refurbishing an old beach chair will help you learn how to transform tired summer and outdoor furniture. Then, you will be ready to hit the urban beaches (or your garden) in style once more.

Step One: Clean the Beach Chair

The first step is to get the beach chair cleaned up and looking a little easier to manage. This is especially important if it has gotten wet in any way or was slightly damp when put into storage. You might find that the fabric has grown mildew or mould if this is the case. There is no need to worry though, because a mixture of water and vinegar should encourage the mould to dissolve. The solution will smell unpleasant, but cannot damage the beach chair, so spray liberally and repeat until all of the mildew has vanished.

Step Two: Remove the Rust

Over time, the metal frame of the beach chair might have accumulated rust. You can remove this by taking a tough steel wool scourer or similar cleaning item and a special rust removing kit. You should be able to find one of these kits at any reasonably sized home improvement store. You must take the plastic, vinyl, or fabric seat entirely off the frame before you use the kit on the beach chair; otherwise, it may get damaged. Also, make sure that you protect your hands and fingers with safety gloves. Once you have followed the instructions on the kit, you might wish to repaint the frame in a new or brighter color.

Step Three: Repair the Fabric Tears

There may be small holes or tears in the fabric of your beach chair which need repairing. To do this, you need to source some monofilament and carefully patch or sew the spot until the chair looks like new again. This can be tricky, so take your time or ask for help from a friend with a steady hand. For a beach chair which is more hole than chair, it will be necessary to strip the vinyl or fabric and replace it entirely. It is possible to buy replacements covers, but you can also use simple templates to sew a new one for your beach chair.

Two beautiful leather duffle bags for men

When traveling for business or pleasure, a man needs a good duffle bag by his side. One that can secure all his important documents, electronic devices, identification, or whatever else he needs to carry. If you’re interested in buying such a bag, you should consider getting quality. The right purchase can get you a bag that will last a lifetime, instead of one you’ll replace after a few years. Of course, leather duffle bags for men are the optimal choice. They not only look great and are extremely durable, they will expand nicely to fit your entire life inside. Below are two leather duffle bags for men worth your consideration.

For a high quality selection, consider the Frye ‘Ben – Artisan’ Leather Duffle Bag available at Nordstrom. At $648, you may initially wonder what comes alongside the bag in your delivery package. Nothing, besides quality that is. This bag is worth every penny. You get either a black or dark brown leather bag that weighs just under four pounds. The overall dimensions are 25 inches wide by 15 and ¾ inches high, and eight and ¾ inches deep. It has a strap drop of seven inches, while the crossbody strap drop is adjustable between 18 and 26 inches. It has a top zipper as well as a hidden pocket inside the bag. In all, this is one of the more quality leather duffle bags for men you can find.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option without a noticeable drop in quality, look at the FOSSIL Leather Framed Duffel Bag. This beautiful, spacious bag runs $250 cheaper than the above option, at $398 from Lord and Taylor. It’s a little smaller also, at 20 inches wide by 12 inches high and ten inches deep. The one handle gives you a seven inch drop. This bag has three available slip pockets, as well as an interior zipper pocket to store away your valuables and goodies. The mouth of the bag opens up wide, so it’s actually much larger than it looks on first glance. There is only one available color at the store, Cognac, or a dark brown leather finish. It feels nice to the touch and will last you a long time. In all, this bag is probably cheaper than the other only because it’s a little smaller, so it required less leather. FOSSIL made up for the smaller size with a more versatile bag.

Both of these leather duffle bags for men are a great choice if you’re looking for something made of strong quality and looks great. Leather is one of the oldest, most reliable materials used in production, and the tradition of quality continues with these bags. You’ll travel in style and even start your own tradition. These bags will last you until your last trip, so they also make excellent handouts to children. They’ll always remember the leather duffel bag they associate with you. As will you.

Here is what you should know about wall tents for sale

Do you intend to hold a function? Are you planning to go for camping? Either cases will require that you buy wall tents so that you can protect yourself and other people from rain water, cold, direct sunlight as well as providing you with the security. There are quite a number of factors that you need to consider when you want to acquire wall tents for sale. These include size of the tent, type, color, available options, canvass treatment if any and many more.

The best wall tents for sale should come with a guarantee period. This is the only way that will guarantee you a replacement for faulty tent in case you realize any defect. That is why you should always consider this feature. The longer the warranty period, the better the tents.

Wall tents for sale should have enough rafter angle kits. It will be very ridiculous to buy tents that either have faulty or less rafter angle kits. They are very important because they help to connect the entire wall tent from every side so that it is in a stable position. Bes sure to fix them appropriately for the best results and a strong wall tent.

There are different models for wall tents for sale. Therefore, before buying, ensure that you decide what exactly you are going for and why. For instance, we have Wilderness and Montana Canvas. Each has unique features which may impress you. Simply choose what best suits you.

All in all, good wall tents for sale should have windows and doors. A door enables you to enter and exit freely. The doors should also be such that when closed, they do not allow entry of water or too much cold from gaining entry into the tent.

On the same note, the windows should be of considerable size to allow sufficient ventilation for fresh air. They should also be transparent so that you can be able to view outside as you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of environment.

During rain, thunderstorms are bound to occur. No one enjoys their occurrence because their effects can be disastrous. Therefore, for safety purposes, a good wall tent for sale should have a storm flap in order to lessen the adverse effects. This is a feature that you should definitely look for.

What of reinforcement? Yes. This is what determines if wall tents you are buying will be strong enough to withstand strong winds so that they do not collapse. Some of them come with a double layer of canvas on the ridge for reinforcement. Others have their eaves reinforced with D rings. Next time you want to acquire wall tent for sale, be sure to consider this.

You should also determine if the wall tents for sale are easy to set up. There is no point in buying a tent which you cannot install or is difficult to do so.

In conclusion, there are many wall tents for sale out there. Their prices differ depending on both the country of manufacture and their features. For instance, those made in the USA are usually more expensive than those from China. But the most important thing is to go for those with the highest quality.

Pros and cons of Equate whitening strips for home teeth whitening

When a person decides to whiten their teeth, there are numerous decisions that will need to be made. One of the most important is deciding what kind of whitening treatment will be needed to achieve the level of brightness desired. In some cases, the level of brightness may be dramatic or the person may prefer a more natural graduated whitening effect over a period of time. In either case, there are several different ways in which a person can get the whitest teeth possible. The most popular and common in the dental industry is whitening strips. Before trying Equate whitening strips, people should know both the advantages and disadvantages.


In recent years, whitening strips have become increasingly popular in places all over the globe. Both young and old can take advantage of this whitening solution to brighten up their smiles. So, for those who may be considering finding the best solution for their situation, here’s are some facts that should be reviewed. Two of the most common involves its convenience and its overall affordability.

Convenience and Equate whitening strips

Many people are looking to this kind of whitening treatment because of its convenience. Instead of having to go to a dental office for a visit, the person can make their own applications in their privacy of their own homes. The application of these treatments is also simple because the person will use the strips at specific times during the day. For instance, people should make sure that they are applying a whitening strip on their teeth prior to going to bed. Being consistent about this process, normally yields great results.

Inexpensive Equate whitening strips

The cost of whitening strip treatment is also a coveted option for many people because of the price. Since these strips can be purchased over the counter, people can get them for a minimal price. The minimal cost is preferred to paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to a dentist in dental office. Therefore, the price can be paid quite easily out of pocket instead of having to contact an insurance company for coverage.

Strips to trays and Equate whitening strips

Another advantage of strips to trays is eliminates problems that most people have with their gag reflex when they are using the whitening trays. Therefore, when people switch from trays to strips, they can avoid these and other similar problems. Also, because some of the strips are designed to dissolve in the person’s mouth, they do not have to be placed in the mouth and taken out again. Instead, they will simply leave a fresh nice taste and smell that most people like.


As with any dental product, there are drawbacks as well. In specific, one drawback involves the covering of the teeth. Since they are designed to cover only once side, the teeth will only become lighter on the side that can be seen. It will also leave other places on the teeth dingy as well including the spaces between the teeth. Once the initial Equate whitening strips are complete, it will take a certain amount of maintenance to keep them white.

Get the best value on a beach umbrella today

Umbrellas are one of the prime examples of human creativity. Give us a problem, and we’ll solve it. Give us rain, and we’ll hide under safety. Give us a beaming sun that blocks our field of vision and puts a terrible burn on our skin, and we’ll create a canopy. Nobody could take credit for inventing the umbrella, as even the most basic civilizations have an idea of the concept. And nowhere is the umbrella a necessity more than at the beach. So when you’re planning your next trip down the shore and under the sun, consider the search for the best cheap beach umbrellas.

When thinking of cheap beach umbrellas, the find idea most people will have is the massive umbrella in the center of the beach party. You throw down a blanket or sheet, arrange your chairs along its edge, and secure a large umbrella in the middle to shade everything around it. However, creative inventors are toying with umbrellas in all sorts of fashions. Some are attached to the chair. Other cheap beach umbrellas can secure to your already broken in beach chair.

As for the first style of beach umbrella, the Rio Brands 7 foot Beach Ultimate Sun Umbrella is among the top cheap beach umbrellas on the market. You can buy the model with yellow, green, and blue stripes for a mere $22.99. If you want a darker umbrella, they have a multi colored option, but it runs at $33.59. There’s nothing fancy or high tech about this product. It’s simply a large umbrella. It offers SPF and UPF protection for everybody under its shade. In total, the item weighs around six pounds, which is not too heavy considering its massive size. You can tilt the umbrella in various angles. Along with the umbrella itself, a carrying bag is included with your purchase.

That umbrella is for many people, but you can also buy one that’s just for you. It’s not selfish, it’s optimum comfort. Also by Rio Brands, you will find a My Canopy for Beach Chairs umbrella. This product costs $17.95, so although it’s not exactly the same as other models, it is among the top cheap beach umbrellas available. The clip-on beach chair accessory comes in a vibrant Sea Blue design. You can attach this product to just about any beach chair. You can also fold it back if you want to recline your chair to the sand. This personal umbrella gives you complete protection under the sun. It has tested to block out 99.8 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

There are a wide variety of cheap beach umbrellas for you to choose from. In the end, it all depends on the style of protection you want and how big of an area you mean to cover. If the purchase is for an entire beach party, then a larger model suits you well. Otherwise, the personal variety can be used anywhere you lay for sun. Save money and buy these items while the weather is cold, as sales are almost guaranteed!

Buying a giant camping chair: why it may be just right for you?

It’s summer time and you’re looking to go out on an adventure. When you talk about adventure, one of the things that always come up with it is camping outdoors. While you may love camping outdoors, remember that it isn’t as easy as you’d think. You’re out of electricity and out of your phone’s battery juice sooner than you know it. If you’re looking to camp in the wild, be prepared for different types of insects, many of which you’ve probably never seen before in your life.

Camping is a fun sport for those who like to travel and spend time with nature. For those who wish to relax and use some leisure time with the nature, camping chairs might be an essential part of your travel gear. With the trend of taking up camping trips to country sides, and a craze to travel is building up among enthusiasts. Camping is great way to have some fun with your friends and spend time in some pleasant location. But this can be done when you have the right gear and a camping chair is definitely the thing you must not forget.

If you are heading out for a campsite, it is necessary you take along the right stuff with you. Telling stories, sitting around the camp fire and enjoying the roasted meal is a part of a great adventure and a comfortable, sturdy camp chair would just make it better.

What should you look for?

Why should you need a giant camping chair? The reasons can be many. You may need one to relax or you may need one to to just do more when you’re out camping. When choosing one of the giant camping chairs, you must definitely take care of its loading capacity, a well-built giant camping chair must bear at least a 250 pound weight. Make sure that these can take some stress and are durable to last long. In general a chair is made out of steel and some cushioning for comfort.

A giant camping chair means a bit of a slaggy fabric and cushioning, so make sure it is well stuffed, stiff and gives you a comfortable posture. Make sure to make a note of the warranties they come with. Some of them might provide you with part replacements, while some companies might cover certain specific cases only.

Some additional tips to keep in mind

Most manufacturers look to get their customers attention and they do this either by providing schemes or some additional features to their product. In case of these giant camping chairs, they might provide you with cup holder extensions, or a complementary carry bag. But make sure you don’t fall for these until the chair you are spending your money for gives you a heavy duty fabric quality and comfortable oversize seat for ease. Remember, you would still want to relax when you’re outdoors.

There are many products in the market providing different specifications in different prize range and sizes. Choose any product that fits your needs and requirements.

5 characteristics of the best camping chair

Any adventure plan outdoors is incomplete without the best camping chair. These chairs offer you the utmost relaxation and make your camping or hiking vacations memorable. The most important qualities of the best camping chair would be the comfort it provides you with, its affordability and durability. After a great round of trekking or playing on the beach, relaxing on a chair that provides total comfort to your back, shoulders, hand and feet would make it all worthwhile.

If you are looking to buy the best camping chair but don’t know what features you should check before buying one, here’s a small checklist that will help you in your endeavor:

1. Comfort Quotient

The comfort level of your chosen chair is the most important factor that you need to ensure before taking it along on your beach vacation or lazing on it during your camping trip. The quality of the foam used and the support it provides to your back is very important. That’s where buying the best camping chair can help as it blends transportability and comfort with equal élan. Such a chair would also be stable on all terrains – be it a beach, a park or on the rocks. It should be easy to set up such a chair without much hassle. You should be able to sit on it and get up from the chair comfortably as well. So, check all these aspects before investing money in some of the self proclaimed best camping chairs, many of which fall short of the promise they make when it comes to the comfort quotient.

2. Price

Another important factor while buying a camping chair is its affordability. It should be within the budget. The best camping chair would be the one that is easily affordable as well as competitively priced. It should not burn a hole in your pocket and yet provide you the comforts that are necessary to make your camping trips enjoyable.

3. Transportability

Another deciding factor that helps in choosing the best camping chair is the ability to carry it easily from one place to another. These chairs are usually lightweight and come with a carry bag, often with shoulder straps. Thus, you can carry them around easily.

4. Fits your needs

When some investment is made towards buying a good camping chair, another point to be considered is how well it fits your needs. For example, if you suffer from back pains or have elders in the family who need a chair with low ground clearance, you have to look for respective features in the best camping chair, which you have shortlisted. Remember – a good camping chair is the one that can be used on the beaches as well as for your trekking/camping/hiking trips. Also, it helps if it is waterproof, stain-proof.

5. Some additional features

The best camping chair is much more than a mere chair. Most of these chairs come with additional features such as cup holders to hold your beverages safely, small stash pockets, utility pockets for magazines and maps etc, thus offering you value for money.

So, keep these characteristics of the best camping chair in mind and check if your chosen one has them all to make a wise purchasing decision.

Why read whitening strips reviews?

When the market is over-saturated with numerous teeth whitening products, all claiming to be the best, consumers may become easily confused when they have to decide upon the actual best product that they should buy. If you take a stroll through the aisle of your local supermarket looking for useful dental care products, you’ll simply be amazed to discover whitening strips, toothpastes, gels, kits and rinses from different manufactures and in different price ranges. This is where whitening strips reviews can greatly help and let you narrow down your choices. Having browsed and read multiple whitening strips reviews, you get to know the features, price, pros and cons and other factors of various products, which in turn would let you compare and buy the right one.

A whitening strips review may be authored by consumers, dental professionals or the product manufacturer. You should always check the authenticity of the reviewer and the platform where such reviews are published before relying on them. Checking if the author of such reviews has any connection with the product manufacturer or with the review site would also let you judge how reliable such reviews really are.

Whitening strips reviews written by eminent reviewers provide you with useful information related to manufacturing compounds of the strips. For example, if this teeth whitening process is new to you, you will understand that products meant for home use contain lower amount of bleaching elements than those used by dentists. Thanks to their professional expertise, dentists can easily implement more powerful teeth whitening methods and products that provide faster and more distinguishable results than home teeth whitening products. By meticulously going through a number of whitening strips reviews, you’ll be able to have a clear idea about various facets of teeth whitening strips like the ones mentioned below.


You should hardly rely on those whitening strips reviews that find everything positive and useful about the strips that they talk about. A closer view, at the origin of the evaluations, may reveal their connection with the vendor or the manufacturer of the products.

If you encounter whitening strips reviews that claim everlasting bleaching impact, you should say a big NO to those products. That’s because the most enduring type of teeth whitening method, including the laser technique, only stays good for a maximum of five years. However, it depends mostly upon how successful you are in staying away from the following teeth-staining substances.

  • Smoking
  • Regular consumption of soda, coffee, black tea and wine
  • Regular consumption of soy sauce, tomato sauce, berries and other heavily pigmented foods
  • Frequent consumption of fruit juices, citrus and other available acidic drinks and foods

It’s interesting to note that the whitening impact of bleaching products meant for home use normally stays on for anywhere between five and six months.

According to various whitening strips reviews, use of whitening strips may end up causing tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. The peroxide whitener present in whitening strips is mostly responsible for these effects. Normally, the probability of occurrence of such sensitivity is proportionate to the concentration level of the whitener. So, you should ideally steer clear of the “quickest working” or “strongest” teeth whitening strips to attain immediate results as many of these products often end up triggering serious dental problems in the long run.

All whitening strips reviews will be unable to help if you ignore the manufacturer’s instructions of use of the product. This will not only lower the effectiveness of the product, but also increase the probability of having unwanted side effects as well. So, be a prudent judge of what to believe and depend upon while reading whitening strips reviews.

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