The 3 step guide to reinvigorating an old beach chair

The weather might be all doom and gloom now, but it will soon be time for the summer to roll around again. It will be time to dig out the beach chairs (or strandkorb, as they were first known) rummage around in the kitchen cupboard for the cocktail maker, and kick back with the sun for company. First, however, you have to get those summer beach chairs back to full health again.

If you, like most of us, put away your garden furniture in the winter and leave it there to rust until spring, there is bound to be a little maintenance involved with getting it up to scratch. For example, if you have a tired of beach chair – with a torn cover, rusted frame, or dirty fixtures – there is no reason why it cannot be reinvigorated with a bit of love and polish.

This guide to refurbishing an old beach chair will help you learn how to transform tired summer and outdoor furniture. Then, you will be ready to hit the urban beaches (or your garden) in style once more.

Step One: Clean the Beach Chair

The first step is to get the beach chair cleaned up and looking a little easier to manage. This is especially important if it has gotten wet in any way or was slightly damp when put into storage. You might find that the fabric has grown mildew or mould if this is the case. There is no need to worry though, because a mixture of water and vinegar should encourage the mould to dissolve. The solution will smell unpleasant, but cannot damage the beach chair, so spray liberally and repeat until all of the mildew has vanished.

Step Two: Remove the Rust

Over time, the metal frame of the beach chair might have accumulated rust. You can remove this by taking a tough steel wool scourer or similar cleaning item and a special rust removing kit. You should be able to find one of these kits at any reasonably sized home improvement store. You must take the plastic, vinyl, or fabric seat entirely off the frame before you use the kit on the beach chair; otherwise, it may get damaged. Also, make sure that you protect your hands and fingers with safety gloves. Once you have followed the instructions on the kit, you might wish to repaint the frame in a new or brighter color.

Step Three: Repair the Fabric Tears

There may be small holes or tears in the fabric of your beach chair which need repairing. To do this, you need to source some monofilament and carefully patch or sew the spot until the chair looks like new again. This can be tricky, so take your time or ask for help from a friend with a steady hand. For a beach chair which is more hole than chair, it will be necessary to strip the vinyl or fabric and replace it entirely. It is possible to buy replacements covers, but you can also use simple templates to sew a new one for your beach chair.