The advantages of multi fuel camp stoves

Many people enjoy camping and feeling as if they are one with nature. However, a long camping trip would not be possible if you did not have the necessary tools in order to take care of your daily needs like water purification, cooking and bathing. And one of the most useful tools are camping stoves.

There used to be a time when starting a fire had to be done manually. However, stoves now give us the ability to simply add a little fuel and light a match. While some stoves limit you to using one type of fuel, others, like the multi fuel camp stove allow you to choose from a variety. Let’s take this time to discuss what a multi fuel camp stove is as well as the key advantages they offer.

What is a multi fuel camp stove?

These stoves are usually small, lightweight and are designed for specifically camping or backpacking. They burn several different types of liquid fuels such as unleaded petrol/gasoline that is used in vehicles. It may also use clean white gas that can be purchased from camping stores. Some even take use propane/butane canisters.

The multi fuel camp stove offers two huge advantages over the regular camping stoves. First, their versatility makes it much easier to find fuel no matter where you are in the world (unleaded petrol and gasoline can be found almost anywhere). Second, when compared to camping gas, they work extremely well in the cold weather so are very useful for high mountains.

Multi Fuel Camp Stove Key Features

Sure these stoves give you the advantage of using more than one type of fuel. However, they also have two other major benefits. They simmer and have single nozzles.


It is easy to adjust this camp stove’s heat output from full power to the lowest heat. This is done by turning a dial which can control the amount of fuel that is released from the bottle. However, a lot of these stoves offer a second valve on the base of it’s burner which will allow for fine tuned simmering. This can be extremely useful for conserving your fuel and any cooking that is more complicated than simply boiling water.


Multi fuel stoves usually require you to change a certain part each time you change your fuels. Specifically, small nozzles inside of the stove through which your fuel exits before it starts to burn. This is relatively easy to do, however, it can be hard to take care of at night, when the weather is bad or when you are wearing gloves. Some of the newer models of the multi fuel stove can burn multiple fuels through one, single nozzle.

If you are someone who enjoys camping and traveling the world, then you will find this type of stove to be invaluable. You will never have to worry about finding the right type of fuel for your stove because it takes a variety. Make sure to shop around to figure out which brand offers the most features that suit all of your personal needs.