Tips on how to choose the best Puresource 3 water filter

Are you shopping for a water filter such as Puresource 3 water filter? Are you wondering what to consider when choosing a filter? You have come to the right place. This article looks at some essential factors each buyer has to know about water filters. A water filter is slightly different from a sieve or screen. It can remove impurities that are much smaller than the holes passing water through it.

Some of the common reasons for filtering and purifying water are:

  • Access clean drinking water
  • Private and public Aquaria
  • Safe Swimming Pools and ponds
  • Irrigation

Puresource 3 water filter Features

Life Cycle

The water filter should be able to serve you for at least six months before it needs replacement when used every day. A Puresource 3 water filter will serve you well in that regard. The life cycle will shorten if your daily use is more than average. Most of the family-size water filters, dispensing about o.5 gallons a minute, are meant to serve a family of about six people.

Volume of water Filtered per minute

The amount of water filtered per minute should concern you because it will affect other gadgets that depend on the water filter to deliver clean water, such as the water dispenser and the ice maker. A rate of 0.5 gallons per minute is sufficient for most families.

Removal of microorganisms

Without the removal of Cryptosporidium, a common but dangerous micro-organism, the water purification process is incomplete. To be sure the filter does remove this micro-organism, check if it has Reverse osmosis as a feature.

Reverse Osmosis

This process is a must have for any filter used to purify drinking water. It enables the removal of tiny molecules and microbes for drinking water.

Handling Water Filters Safely

The best water filters will always collect germs to protect those who drink the water. Filters, therefore, collect germs within the filtration components. While filters such as Puresource 3 water filter are modular in nature, there are others that bring you into contact with the actual internal filtering components. These internal components should only be handled by someone with a healthy immune system. A Puresource 3 water filter comes with installation instructions that do not require you to touch its internal filters. It also meets water treatment guidelines as outlined by the EPA.

The rule of thumb is to wear a glove and immediately wash hands once you are done changing the filter. When it comes to using filters, following the manufacturer’s instructions is vital. Extending its use, even if it seems that the water is still getting purified, will expose you to water-borne diseases. Using a selection of filters allow you to get the maximum purification, unlike when you use just one filter. If there is someone whose immune system is compromised, it’s best for them to form a habit of drinking boiled water.