Two beautiful leather duffle bags for men

When traveling for business or pleasure, a man needs a good duffle bag by his side. One that can secure all his important documents, electronic devices, identification, or whatever else he needs to carry. If you’re interested in buying such a bag, you should consider getting quality. The right purchase can get you a bag that will last a lifetime, instead of one you’ll replace after a few years. Of course, leather duffle bags for men are the optimal choice. They not only look great and are extremely durable, they will expand nicely to fit your entire life inside. Below are two leather duffle bags for men worth your consideration.

For a high quality selection, consider the Frye ‘Ben – Artisan’ Leather Duffle Bag available at Nordstrom. At $648, you may initially wonder what comes alongside the bag in your delivery package. Nothing, besides quality that is. This bag is worth every penny. You get either a black or dark brown leather bag that weighs just under four pounds. The overall dimensions are 25 inches wide by 15 and ¾ inches high, and eight and ¾ inches deep. It has a strap drop of seven inches, while the crossbody strap drop is adjustable between 18 and 26 inches. It has a top zipper as well as a hidden pocket inside the bag. In all, this is one of the more quality leather duffle bags for men you can find.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option without a noticeable drop in quality, look at the FOSSIL Leather Framed Duffel Bag. This beautiful, spacious bag runs $250 cheaper than the above option, at $398 from Lord and Taylor. It’s a little smaller also, at 20 inches wide by 12 inches high and ten inches deep. The one handle gives you a seven inch drop. This bag has three available slip pockets, as well as an interior zipper pocket to store away your valuables and goodies. The mouth of the bag opens up wide, so it’s actually much larger than it looks on first glance. There is only one available color at the store, Cognac, or a dark brown leather finish. It feels nice to the touch and will last you a long time. In all, this bag is probably cheaper than the other only because it’s a little smaller, so it required less leather. FOSSIL made up for the smaller size with a more versatile bag.

Both of these leather duffle bags for men are a great choice if you’re looking for something made of strong quality and looks great. Leather is one of the oldest, most reliable materials used in production, and the tradition of quality continues with these bags. You’ll travel in style and even start your own tradition. These bags will last you until your last trip, so they also make excellent handouts to children. They’ll always remember the leather duffel bag they associate with you. As will you.